Alexion Opens New R&D Lab in Cambridge to Support mRNA Platform

Alexion has opened a new laboratory in Cambridge, Mass. to support the research and development team focused on the Company’s messenger RNA (mRNA) platform.

The new laboratory, located at 75 Sidney Street, houses scientists whose capabilities include cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, all focused on targeted delivery of mRNA therapeutics to address rare diseases caused by protein deficiencies.

In 2014, Alexion entered into an exclusive strategic agreement with Moderna Therapeutics for the discovery and development of mRNA therapeutics to treat rare diseases. mRNA therapeutics is a highly innovative treatment modality that directly utilizes the body’s natural processes to enable the production of therapeutic proteins, both within the cells and secreted into the bloodstream.

“Alexion is proud to have a dedicated laboratory space to develop our mRNA platform, which further supports our mission of developing breakthrough therapies for patients with severe and life-threatening rare diseases,” said Martin Mackay, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research & Development, Alexion. “Furthermore, Alexion’s growing footprint in Cambridge will facilitate the engagement of the best academic and biotech scientists and collaborators in the Boston area, enabling us to leverage innovative technologies to better serve our patients.”

Alexion employees celebrate the opening of the new lab with a ribbon-cutting