Alexion Joins aHUS Alliance in Recognizing International aHUS Awareness Day 2015

Alexion joins the aHUS Alliance in recognizing aHUS Awareness Day 2015 on September 24, a day dedicated to spreading insights and knowledge about the issues facing children and adults with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), a genetic, chronic and ultra-rare disease. 
"Our first aHUS Awareness Day calls for increased communication, a key component in addressing common concerns that affect aHUS patients, including the need for quick and accurate diagnosis, access to healthcare options, shared data and information among aHUS researchers worldwide, and increased physician education about atypical HUS," said Len Woodward, aHUS UK representative to the aHUS Alliance. “We welcome all groups that will be joining us to shine a spotlight on aHUS and give a voice to patients and families who are struggling with the significant challenges associated with this disease."
"We applaud the aHUS Alliance and the entire aHUS community for establishing a global aHUS awareness day,” said David Hallal, Chief Executive Officer of Alexion. “As a global leader in rare diseases, Alexion understands the challenges facing children and adults who suffer from aHUS and other devastating and often under-recognized diseases. Efforts to improve awareness of rare diseases enable a timely and accurate diagnosis, and facilitate access to appropriate healthcare, which is vital to our mission of serving patients with devastating and rare disorders.”
aHUS is a genetic, chronic, ultra-rare disease that can progressively damage vital organs, potentially leading to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and death.  The morbidities and premature mortality in aHUS are caused by permanent, uncontrolled activation of the complement system, resulting in systemic thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA), the formation of blood clots in small blood vessels throughout the body.
Learn more about aHUS Awareness Day by visiting You can also follow the aHUS Alliance and aHUS Awareness Day on Twitter: @aHUSAlliance or #aHUSday.