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Alexion is focused on serving patients and families affected by rare diseases by delivering innovative, life-changing therapies. In 2007, Alexion began operations in the UK to serve patients locally. Our approach to serving patients is driven by education and a passion for understanding and meeting the unique needs of patients and families suffering from rare diseases. We are driven because we know people's lives depend on our work.
In the UK, Alexion has therapies available for the treatment of patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), pediatric onset hypophosphatasia (HPP), and lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D).

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Transparency & Disclosure

Alexion is committed to operating with integrity, accountability, and transparency, and to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Further information on disclosure can be found here.


Financial Contributions to UK and Irish PAOs from 2015 - 2018

PAO Amount Type of financial support Year
Genetic Alliance UK £14,990 Sponsorship Resetting the Model project 2018
Genetic Alliance UK £8,000 Grant Rare disease day 2018 activities 2018
Genetic Disorders UK £19,980 Sponsorship 2018 Genetic Disorders Leadership Symposium 2018
BrittleBones UK £15,000 Grant BrittleBones 2018 Conference 2018
NMO Spectrum UK £4,000 Grant NMO Spectrum annual meeting 2018
IPPOSI IE EUR 7,500 Membership 2018
Rare Disease UK £12,500 Membership 2018
FindaCure £5,000 Sponsorship 2018 Drug Repurposing Conference 2018
PNH Support EUR 700 Participation in two advisory board meetings 2018
PNH Support EUR 500 Speaking engagement in Zurich, Switzerland 2018
Brittle Bone Society £ 10,000 Charitable Grants
Educational grant to help with costs associated with hosting
BBS 2017 conference
FindaCure £13,025 Charitable Grants
Grants to support training and education activities for patient
NMO UK Rare Illness
Research Foundation
£ 5,000 Charitable Grant;
NMO Spectrum-UK Masquerade Ball, October 2016 in
Brittle Bone Society £ 20,000 Charitable Grant;
Educational grant to help with costs associated with hosting
BBS events 2016/2017
IPPOSI (Irish Platform for
Patient Organisations) -
€ 7,500 Membership 2016 2016
Myaware £ 15,000 Charitable Grant;
Organization of 2 conferences in London and in the North of
England 2016/2017 through the PAO’s Young
Generation Service
GDUK (Genetic Disorders UK) £ 15,000 Charitable Grant;
UK Genetic Disorders Leadership Symposium March
Rare Disease UK (RDUK) £ 10,000 Membership 2016 2016
GRDO (Genetic and Rare
Disorders Organisation) -
€ 1,000 Sponsorship agreement;
Rare Disease Day Conference February 2016 in Dublin
Findacure Foundation £ 8,000 Charitable Grant
Developing a customized online platform for rare
disease patient groups for interactive training
modules, build, grow & connect patient groups
NMO Research UK £ 5,000 Charitable grant;
Funds to support the organization’s annual meeting in
August 2015 bringing together HPP patients and their
CLIMB (National Information
Centre for Inherited
Metabolic Diseases)
£ 10,000 Charitable Grant;
Funds to provide an online support network for HPP
patients in the UK
aHUS UK/aHUS Alliance £ 15,000 Charitable Grant
Funds for meeting to establish an international
organization representing people with aHUS and their
carers. Objective to bring representatives from different
aHUS groups together to agree on format of the alliance
and its goals & objectives


Working at Alexion is an experience like no other. With a focus on rare diseases that have few, if any, effective treatments, each endeavor is urgent and every day counts. Groundbreaking innovation and life-saving therapies, driven by a team with a shared sense of purpose and dedication — that’s Alexion.

Join us to achieve the impossible and do what’s never been done before. Browse job openings in the UK.


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Alexion Pharma UK Ltd

3 Furzeground Way
Stockley Park
Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB11 1EZ

For general enquiries
+44 (0) 208 744 6600
Customer Operations - Customer Order queries

UK 0800 1300 212
UK 0800 633 5145
ROI 1800 995 100

Out of hours emergency order number (5.30PM – 9AM; weekends; public holidays):

0208 744 6611

For adverse event reporting:

UK 0800 321 3902
ROI 1 800 936 544

For medical information enquiries:

UK 0 800 028 4394
ROI 1 800 882 840


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