Product Safety You Depend On, Every Day

Alexion’s mission is to transform the lives of people affected by rare and devastating diseases by developing and delivering valued innovative medicines. In alignment with our mission, we are committed to the Quality of our products, including safely and effectively delivering our transformative medicines to patients and customers in a way that meets the requirements and expectations of all key stakeholders, including global regulatory agencies, local governments and laws.

Unfortunately, counterfeit, falsified or diverted medicines can pose a threat to the health and safety of patients around the world and happen outside of the approved supply chain. Counterfeit or falsified medicines are products deliberately and fraudulently produced to make it appear to be a genuine product. Illegally diverted product occurs when genuine, authentic product is approved and intended for sale in one country, but intercepted and sold to another country.

Counterfeit or falsified products often are deliberately produced in non-regulated conditions, contain falsified ingredients (including different active substances), no active ingredients, or ingredients in the wrong dosage or with dangerous impurities. If not detected, these products not only fail to properly treat the person living with the disease for which they were intended, but they can also lead to serious and possibly fatal health consequences. Diverted products also pose risks to the patient since the product has left an approved supply chain with no guarantee that the original packaging, appropriate transportation and required storage conditions have been met.

Product Complaints

To report a suspected counterfeit, falsified or diverted medicine, contact Alexion by writing to:

Global Product Security Team

Alexion understands the importance and responsibility of designing a program with the goal of ensuring product safety. Alexion has a dedicated Global Product Security Team that is focused on communication and accountability, a safe supply chain, and the critically important checks and balances along the way.


The team will:

  • Act with urgency to intercept suspected product security cases with the aim to minimize potential impact to patients
  • Detect, investigate, identify trends and take appropriate actions
  • Provide education, awareness and training
  • Implement security features on our products to improve detection, tracking and tracing
  • Collaborate with health authorities and law enforcement with the aim to deter counterfeit products reaching patients and ensure Alexion’s commitment to patient safety
  • Uphold the collective accountability for quality product delivery that Alexion is known for
  • Apply industry leading product safety programs

Patients expect Alexion to provide them with safe, effective and often transformative medicines. If the supply of our medicines is compromised, it puts patients at risk. Alexion will do everything we can to make sure patients receive the quality medicines they need and expect.

I can focus on other parts of my life without having to be distracted by the fact that I might be in the hospital next week.”