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Building a Better Tomorrow, Every Day

Our innovation is driven by a sense of urgency and a relentless quest for answers, because lives are at stake. Through research and development we’re building a better tomorrow, every day.

Innovation Is in Our Pipeline

Understanding people with rare diseases fuels all of our efforts, beginning with our own medicine discovery efforts, as well as collaboration with external partners.

Experts in Rare Disease

We continue to deepen our understanding of rare disease, which began with our pioneering  work in the complex field of complement biology. Today our internal research efforts focus on leveraging our 25+ years of leadership in rare disease. This knowledge allows us to innovate and evolve into new areas where there is great unmet need and opportunity to help patients and families fully live their best lives.

Our development efforts focus on the core therapeutic areas of hematology, nephrology, neurology, metabolics and cardiology. We are working to expand into new complement indications and strengthen our clinical-stage pipeline through internal and external development opportunities in our core areas.

As we develop and deliver life-changing medicines, we are also leveraging a proprietary bioinformatics platform to strengthen our understanding of rare diseases and provide insights into their epidemiology.

An Alexion employee working in a lab

Join the Effort

Clinical trials are a critical part of our efforts to develop innovative new medicines for patients with severe and devastating rare diseases. We have ongoing and actively recruiting clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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Clinical Data Transparency and Data Disclosure

Alexion is indebted to patients and their families for their participation in clinical studies that help to advance treatments. As an organization, we are committed to voluntary sharing of Alexion-sponsored clinical trial data to address unmet medical/clinical needs.

Clinical study participant-level data will be shared publicly only if participant privacy is assured through methods like data de-identification, pseudonymization, or anonymization (as required by applicable law), and if such disclosure was included in the relevant study informed consent form or similar documentation. 

Qualified academic investigators may request participant-level clinical data and supporting documents (statistical analysis plan and protocol) pertaining to Alexion-sponsored studies. Further details regarding data availability and instructions for requesting information are available in our Clinical Trials Disclosure and Transparency Policy. If you would like additional information, please click the link below and fill out our medical information inquiry form.


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Our Externally Sponsored Research

Alexion is committed to collaborating with researchers on innovative projects that advance medical and scientific knowledge about our products, product candidates and therapeutic areas of interest. Alexion’s Externally Sponsored Research includes Investigator Sponsored Research and Externally Sponsored Collaborations.


Our Discovery Partnerships

Alexion encourages communication of innovative ideas in rare diseases. Applications for support or collaboration for basic research are accepted from individuals or groups, as either concepts or protocols.

Joe, diagnosed with PNH at 24 years old, training for mixed martial arts
If anything, living with PNH has made me appreciate my time even more, and given me more drive to get back to doing what I love to do.”