Alexion's Global Day of Service


Creating Value Through CSR

Our comprehensive approach to CSR is viewed through the lens of shared value – helping to solve social challenges while creating financial value. Our CSR-STARSM platform serves as a tangible way to live our Culture and Values. To learn more about our CSR commitment, journey, and progress to-date, please read our 2020 CSR Report and watch our CSR video. This report focuses on our CSR activities in 2020, which include efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional information about our response to this global health crisis can be found here.

Alexion’s CSR-S•T•A•R SM Platform

Supports our mission to transform the lives of people affected by rare diseases and devastating conditions while creating value for all our stakeholders.


CSR Grid

We invest in our communities and shared planet in support of those who depend on us today and for generations that follow.

Our communities

  • Serving local communities through charitable giving and volunteerism. Global Week of Service is our annual company-wide volunteer campaign. In 2020, more than 1,480 Alexion employees contributed 3,440+ hours of service in support of 85 projects throughout 20+ countries worldwide, all done virtually.   
  • Engaging with nonprofits and educational institutions
  • Providing educational opportunities, promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and supporting emotional well-being.

Our planet

We urgently seek to understand patient journeys, find answers, and collaborate to deliver access to medicines that change lives.

  • Offering complimentary, personalized support through programs including OneSource™
  • Providing eligible patients outside of the U.S. with an option to apply for access to our medicines at no cost under certain circumstances through our Global Access to Medicines Program
  • Regularly engaging with patient organizations around the world to promote the understanding of rare diseases, improve patient care, and enhance access to medicines

We aspire to become the most rewarding company to work for, embracing diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and governing and managing our business to return value.

Our people

  • Continuously evolving our efforts to ensure employees feel respected, valued, and empowered
  • Encouraging diversity of backgrounds and ideas and fostering a sense of belonging
  • Creating a culture of recognition where employees are more engaged because their performance is applauded and results openly appreciated
  • Offering competitive benefits and training and development opportunities to help employees reach their potential and grow their careers

Our company

  • Placing oversight on matters of social and environmental responsibility in the hands of our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
  • Working within this oversight, our Executive Committee has the responsibility of assisting in the development and recommendation of policies and management systems for environmental, health, safety, and social responsibility matters to the Board of Directors.
  • Serving as a collaborative, cross-functional, decision-making task force, our CSR Steering Committee is focused on CSR and shared value efforts at Alexion.

We develop and deliver transformative medicines and work to advance healthcare through innovative diagnostics and proactive transparency.

  • Leveraging the power of complement biology and advancing a highly robust pipeline focused on rare diseases
  • Working aggressively to accelerate the diagnosis of conditions beyond those we treat
  • Partnering with others to address unmet needs and earning a world record for fastest genetic diagnosis through one such partnership
  • Supporting Externally Sponsored Research and academic and institutional discovery partnerships to advance scientific knowledge and research

We build trust when we make the right choices and act with integrity. Our unwavering commitment to ethics, quality, and compliance improves our ability to serve patients and enhances our reputation and competitive advantage.

  • Relentlessly focusing on doing the right thing, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and implementing policies and practices to ensure this is operationalized
  • Setting forth principles that all employees have a responsibility to read, understand, and follow in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
  • Offering a 24/7 Compliance and Ethics Hotline to provide a mechanism for asking questions or reporting concerns anonymously
  • Carefully protecting the privacy of patients and healthcare professionals
  • Seeking to conduct business with vendors who share our high ethical standards, as outlined in our Vendor Code of Conduct
Alexion's Global Day of Service

CSR at Alexion

Corporate social responsibility is an inherent part of everything we do. It's a guide to finding value in the actions we take each day as part of our mission to transform the lives of people affected by rare diseases and devastating conditions.

Giving at Alexion

We support important community initiatives and the needs of people affected by rare disease.

Corporate Giving

Alexion offers promise and cultivates a sense of belonging as we positively impact our local communities. We focus on initiatives that advance emotional well-being, provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged and disenfranchised people, and promote diversity and inclusion in society and critical institutions.

Patient Organization Support

We support and engage with patient organizations in areas that overlap with our medicines and pipeline.

Research & Medical Education

We provide grants, including Externally Sponsored Research.

Patient Support

We provide assistance for therapy cost, access, and critical services through programs like OneSource™ and our Global Access to Medicines Policy.

For questions related to Corporate Giving at Alexion:

Click here to visit our External Funding Management System (EFMS) portal to take Alexion’s External Funding Eligibility Quiz.

For questions related to our Medical Education and Patient Advocacy Grants:

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